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"Our one-on-one and classroom training programs will provide step by step instruction on how to quickly and efficiently create run and manage a wide variety of telemarketing campaigns."

We cordially invite your review of our capabilities.

Our highly capable and experienced staff of specialists works with SER Call Processing Software on a daily basis. They thoroughly understand the various functions, operations and software objectives and can train your people from ground zero on the proper utilization and maintenance of the SER system in addition to the various productivity enhancements we've developed.

SCRIPTING: We can train your systems administrator to take full advantage of the myriad of capabilities of the SER advanced scripting package and show them how to create error free script packages that efficiently convey, gather and process data. This in-depth training package covers all facets of advanced scripting and includes:

  1.  Hot Keys
  2.  Field Edit Check
  3.  Callback/DISP
  4.  Control.SER Page Programming
  5.  Calculations on Special fields
  6.  External Databases
  7.  STATION/TRUNK/IND File Layouts
  8.  SER System P Code Processes

REPORTING: We can teach your people how to use the virtually unlimited reporting power of the SER system to provide you with instant online reporting shown client by client, minimize the need to move between campaigns, eliminate the need for frequent recycles, generate higher levels of list penetration and create custom lead mix ratios. And we can train your programming staff to use the station and trunk files to build your own custom reports incorporating any mix of information you require.

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TRAINING: Our in-depth training classes will provide your people with invaluable knowledge and understanding of the SER system as well as innovative new techniques and productivity enhancing procedures in the following areas:

  1.  Booting the Call Manager/Call Processor
  2.  Campaign Management
  3.  Starting the Call Manager Software/Logging Tape
  4.  Campaign Activation
  5.  Logging into Srvadm/Reports/CM Utilities/Scripts/Root
  6.  Record Select/Recycle Rules/Saving Rules
  7.  Using Recycle Plus
  8.  Rollover Feature
  9.  Remove Dups/Do Not Call Program
  10.  End of Shift Procedures
  11.  Campaign Creation/Loading
  12.  In-Depth SER Reporting
  13.  Administration

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